• Fly over the Mediterranean coastline and enjoy magnificent views.
• Stop at a boutique winery for an extensive tour of the facility and a wine tasting.
• Head back towards Tel Aviv and fly over the green Northern region of the Galilee.


You can choose to film the entire excursion, from beginning to end, and receive a
professionally edited DVD disc as a once in a lifetime souvenir.

Tour Overview

Getting in the car and driving up to the Golan Heights is a pleasant experience. Taking a helicopter and flying into the heavens with breathtaking views of the Galilee and the Golan makes for a simply unforgettable experience.

Immediately after the takeoff, we will enjoy the skyline of Tel Aviv, as we fly low along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to view the beautiful beaches and coastline cities as your travel north. You will view the most important power plant in Israel and then fly over the magnificent Roman port of Caesarea which Herod built defying nature. You can easily see Herod’s Palace, the Roman Amphitheater and the Hippodrome from the helicopter as well as the Roman aqueduct – an incredible engineering feat that was built by the Tenth Roman Legion.

We will land in a winery located in the Golan Heights region where you will be guided through the different steps of wine production. From the vineyards, to the barrel hall and the wine cellar, the local winemaker will share with you his passion and his secrets. Finish the tour with a delightful wine tasting and finger food pairing.

On our way back you can decide which itinerary you prefer. We can fly through Acre and Haifa, or alternatively, through the Jordan valley and Jerusalem.