• Fly over the Judean Desert to the fortress of Masada, an iconic site in Jewish and Israeli history.
• Enjoy an amazing Jeep Tour at the lowest point on earth.
• Relax in a luxurious Spa and discover the unique ‘healing’ properties of the water and mud of the Dead Sea.


You can choose to film the entire excursion, from beginning to end, and receive a professionally edited DVD disc as a once in a lifetime souvenir.

Tour Overview

Hop on one of our luxurious helicopter and head to our Masada and Dead Sea Tour. Admire the beautiful panoramic landscape as we fly over the Judean foothills and along the coast. From there, we will turn and make our way towards Masada, passing Jerusalem along the way, and from there toward the Judean Desert and one of the most exciting places in Israel.

Following Masada, head to the Dead Sea with a jeep tour that will take you to places you wouldn’t have believed existed and see nature’s wonder in all its glory.

After the hour long Jeep tour, stop for a five-star gourmet lunch before luxuriating head-to-toe in nurturing Dead-Sea mud, leaving your skin soft and fresh. The Dead Sea offers one of the most unique bathing and relaxation experiences on earth. The water is so rich in minerals, that as soon as you step in you find your body floating to the surface like no where else in the world. Allowing you to effortlessly float on your back, enjoy the
Mediterranean sun and the beauty of the desert around you.

When relaxed and refreshed, our pilot will be waiting to take you back to the starting point from which we took off early in the day, ending the day's special and unique excursion of a lifetime!