• Tour the spectacular Negev desert through the Zin Valley and discover its ancient relics.
• Swim and relax in the Ein Akev springs.
• Hover and surf sand dunes – guaranteed fun.

Tour Overview

Follow us for an exceptional experience in the Israeli desert: hover dunes, explore streams, canyons and antique cities from within an air-conditioned vehicle and appreciate the enchanting desert environment.

The day starts with a trip to the Zin Valley. Travel by Jeep through the Zin Stronghold, take in a spectacular view seen from the Nabataean Fortress and learn the history of the ancient Incense Route. We will also go down to the year-round spring of Ein Akev, so don’t forget to bring your bathing suit along. We will enjoy some herbal tea or coffee with assorted sweets. To get to the spring we will walk some ten minutes each direction. The trip also includes a visit to the Ein Zik oasis, a drive along the stream and its creeks, exploration of the desert vegetation and hopefully coming across local animals.

Finish your day with a fun slide down the stunning Negev dunes, where anyone can be a surfer and surf the spectacular sand dunes. This is a great experience and a unique attraction.

Anyone can do it and no previous experience is required. Sand-boarding is done with special boards, either sitting, half standing or lying down; alone or in pairs; and even in reverse.