Genesis security & Clear Zone joined together to create a unique experience for the visitors in Israel. Genesis as one of the leading tourism company in Israel, and ‘Clear Zone’ as the specialist of security events&adventure in Israel and worldwide.

‘Clear Zone’ was established and managed by former special agents of the Israeli Secret Service and ‘YAMAM’, Israel’s Anti-terror Unit.

This organization comprise specialized training in the development and implementation of integrated security solutions and operational planning for diverse environments and various threat levels.

As mentioned above, all the operatives are graduates of the Israeli Secret Service’s singular comprehensive security school and the Anti-terror YAMAM Unit, and have completed the prestigious GR (“Government Request”) program covering system-wide security solutions, including security-concept development, security-system design, recruitment and training of security personnel to fill all required security positions, the preparation of procedures for routine and emergency conditions, and much more. The company provides modular solutions ranging from specific, ad-hoc services to meet specific needs, to all-inclusive, turn-key security solutions and training programs.

CLEAR-ZONE also supplies highly qualified security agents to secure events, protect VIPs, etc. The company’s clients include governmental, public and private organizations, major corporations, high-ranking public figures and senior executives on all five continents.

CLEAR-ZONE’s management and all members of its professional staff undergo frequent up-dated training as members of the Israeli Secret Service’s reserve unit, where they review trends in environment, both globally and with regard to specific sectors, analyze changes in the modus operandi of terrorist and criminal groups and potential attack scenarios, and are updated on innovative technological developments. Thus, CLEAR-ZONE ensures that the company’s clients are continuously provided with the most advanced solutions and training program that optimally meet their particular needs.


Krav-maga  is a military self-defene and fighting system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli security forces and derived from a combination of techniques such as boxingwrestlingAikidojudo and karate, along with realistic fight training

Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency. It was derived from the street-fighting experience of an Hungarian-Israeli martial arts expert.

Cyber Security


⦁ The Security Environment

⦁ Principles&Management Concepts of Cybersecurity

⦁ Enterprise Roles and Structures

⦁ Security Plans&Policies

⦁ Laws and Regulatory Requirements

⦁ Security Standards and Controls

⦁ Risk Management

⦁ Security Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

⦁ Physical Security and Environmental Events

⦁ Contingency Planning

⦁ Security Education, Training, and Awareness

⦁ Managing information security

⦁ The future of cyber security

Survival & Navigation

A course in survival and navigation provides participants with skills designed to remove them from stressful situations or occasional dangers in encountering the unfamiliar. The skills acquired in the survival courses enable participants to acquire awareness of possible situations in extreme encounters in the field, to deal with them effectively, to respond to them in a rational and proper manner, to plan the necessary moves, to take measures that will, if not distance them, at least reduce encounters in situations of risk and distress.

Topics taught: basic fieldwork, professional “rope connections”
field movement, orientation, navigation, building cold/hot shelters,
finding water sources and water production, bonfire lighting, cooking, knowledge of desert plants.

Family Security, Self-Defense & Preventive Behavior Methods

The Adversary types and modus operandi

General security methods and specific methods for family security

Principles of family security and preventive behavior.

Security at installations owned by the family and at other installations.

Securing the family in different situations, e.g. while walking, traveling, in sporting and other, events, etc.

  Operational Driving

The purpose of this section of the course is to provide the students with the basic ability to control the car in routine   and emergency situations and to improve his/her technical driving ability in a variety of road and traffic conditions  with the goal of achieving optimal training when escorting people.

The car as a weapon > The car as a rescue tool.

Combat Shooting

Exercises based on walking information, alone and with a team, in the field, in the street,
and in open areas, buildings, crowded places, using a vehicle, at night, etc.

Exercises based on basic starting positions with one or more security agents.

Removing the VIP from the line of fire and rescuing him/her from a variety of emergencies to safety, e.g. to a building, a car or other cover.

Dual exercises with deactivated weapons

Simulation exercises of real situations using paint-balls, based on the client’s needs, e.g. a residence, street, office, home, etc

Climbing & Surfing Activities

Climbing and surface activities are a challenge and a means to overcome
height and depth obstacles at .
designated sites, where there is usually no possibility to use a rope/metal cable for rescuing purposes.
First-aid instruction will also be given

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