• Discover the Negev like never before.
• Stare at the sky and enjoy the sight of the stars and constellations.
• Light a campfire, eat in the open air and spend an unforgettable moment in the chilled dark desert.

Tour Overview

To thoroughly appreciate the splendor of the night sky, you should head out to the outdoors. The Negev Desert is a perfect location, and the Ramon Crater, in particular, is regarded as the greatest stargazing location in Israel. This is due to the absence of light, arid air, high altitude and clear skies.

On our stargazing tour, our passionate guide will take you to a fabulous stargazing area where you will light a campfire, install telescopes and hear about the story of humans’ attraction to the stars. We begin by gazing at constellations with our naked eyes and then move on to the telescope, where we can see ‘nearby’ objects such as the planets and even deep space objects such as star clusters, nebulas, double stars, galaxies and more!

We will stop for a small picnic and munch Israeli delicacies while gazing/glaring at the sky.

During the evening, you will get familiar with the night sky, talking about the stars constellations, zodiac signs and asterisms. We will narrate the story of astronomy, myths and fables of the night sky. Using the telescopes, we will have a look at our solar system, its different planets and the moon.