• Take off from Tel Aviv and fly all the way to Eilat
• Meet your personal guide at the border with Jordan and enter a luxury Sedan for a private tour.
• Head back towards Tel Aviv and admire the beautiful scenery as the sun sets.


You can choose to film the entire excursion, from beginning to end, and receive a
professionally edited DVD disc as a once in a lifetime souvenir.

Tour Overview

Spend a day in one of the seven wonders of the world – the ancient city of Petra; established a couple of hours from the sunny city of Eilat. Petra offers a combination of history, adventure and beauty. The city was carved in red sandstone rock and offers many sites such as the short hike in the Siq, the lost city and the treasury.

We will arrange everything for you, from the hotel pick up, the helicopter flight over the Israeli desert, the visa to Jordan and even private border assistance in both countries. The drive to Petra takes you through remarkable scenery where Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones were filmed. During the ride, the guide will tell you about the history of Jordan and its culture as you contemplate various landscapes along the route. Upon arriving to Petra, we leave the vehicle and enter the ancient site. The traditional entrance is through the imposing and beautiful Siq canyon, which in itself is one of the main attractions in Petra. We pass via silica quarries, the Jinn blocks and the Obelisk Tomb.

Lunch will be served either in a Bedouin tent or in a hotel, according to your preference. After lunch, we begin the walk back to our vehicle, for the journey back to Eilat.

Once in Eilat, we head back toward the helicopter and the pilot will fly you back to Tel Aviv as the sun set, allowing you to admire the beautiful views from up there.