Helicopter Tours

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• Take off from Tel Aviv and fly all the way to Eilat • Meet your personal guide at the border with Jordan and enter a luxury Sedan for a private tour. • Head back towards Tel Aviv and admire the beautiful scenery as the sun sets.

• Admire beautiful scenery from the air. • Stop for a few hours in Jerusalem and visit the Old City with a private licensed guide. • Before heading back towards Tel Aviv, take a small detour and fly over the breathtaking Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.

• Fly over the Mediterranean coastline and enjoy magnificent views. • Stop at a boutique winery for an extensive tour of the facility and a wine tasting. • Head back towards Tel Aviv and fly over the green Northern region of the Galilee.

• Fly over the Judean Desert to the fortress of Masada, an iconic site in Jewish and Israeli history. • Enjoy an amazing Jeep Tour at the lowest point on earth. • Relax in a luxurious Spa and discover the unique ‘healing’ properties of the water and mud of the Dead Sea.

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