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In the morning we will visit the Weizman Institute of Science, with a visit to the Solar Tower, the only one of its kind located within a University Campus, designed to serve only scientific works. The tower has been in operation since 1988. From there, we will continue to the company HomeBioGas. Homebiogas is an off-grid system that generates clean energy without any electricity and allows you to properly treat your household waste! Continue to see the wonderful region of Galilee, where we will visit a Wind Farm on the Golan Heights. Visit to the Sea of   Galilee. We will…

Genesis security & Clear Zone joined together to create a unique experience for the visitors in Israel. Genesis as one of the leading tourism company in Israel, and ‘Clear Zone’ as the specialist of security events&adventure in Israel and worldwide. ‘Clear Zone’ was established and managed by former special agents of the Israeli Secret Service and ‘YAMAM’, Israel’s Anti-terror Unit. This organization comprise specialized training in the development and implementation of integrated security solutions and operational planning for diverse environments and various threat levels. As mentioned above, all the operatives are graduates of the Israeli Secret Service’s singular comprehensive security school…

1-Day agriculture seminar in Israel

Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market has over 250 vendors and many eateries serving local and traditional cuisine. Tour this bustling and colorful marketplace and explore the lively street alleys, each named after fruits and nuts. There are plentiful stores selling Ethiopian spices, Belgian chocolate, Georgian pastries, pickles, Spanish tapas, fish and chips, fruit drinks and more. Your professional culinary tour guide will teach you about the Machane Yehuda Market origins, which go back as far as 1887. You’ll also meet the vendors and hear their anecdotes. The tour stops for explanations and tastings at several stalls including bakeries, halva, spices and…

The best way to get a taste of any city is through your stomach! Experience the land of milk and honey with a culinary tour and discover the authenticity and history of the diverse food culture found in Israel. From street side shawarma to authentic Yemenite and Georgian cuisine, Israel is filled with flavors and foods from all around the world thanks to the diverse population of the country. Together, we will get a taste from within and indulge in Tel Aviv’s most famous and delicious cuisines.