Yatch tours

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• Cruise along the coastline and take in the beautiful panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea. • Enter Caesarea bay and admire the beautiful ruins from the boat. • Anchor in the port and visit the ancient city and archeological sites • Visit the underwater museum of Caesarea.

• Head to the Haifa Port and embark spend the whole day cruising the Northern coast of Israel. • Learn about the important history of the region, admire the beautiful landscape and even try to fish your own fish. • Stop in the Acre bay and snorkel around the bay. • Finish the day with a dinner on deck.

• Enjoy a calm sunset cruise on a luxury yacht from Tel Aviv to the Herzliya Marina. • Experience a delicious dinner in an authentic local fish restaurant. • Sail back to the Tel Aviv Marina

• An exciting 2 hours guided yacht cruise along the beautiful Tel Aviv coastline. • Includes interesting historical anecdotes about Tel Aviv. • Sailing gives you a unique point of view of Tel Aviv’s skyline, its buildings and monuments, representing the past and present days of Tel Aviv.